A range of teas capturing the essence of Darjeeling in every sip.



Katyayani Mahamaye Products Pvt. Ltd. formerly known as Katyayani Mahamaye Tea Pvt. Ltd. has been at the forefront in applying innovation at work. This simple philosophy has been the cornerstone of all our processes and technologies. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of beautiful veneered hardwood Plywood, Veneers, Doors and Tea.

With a rich lineage of tea growing and processing since 1970, Katyayani Mahamayee Products brings you Tendril – a bouquet of the world’s most sought after Darjeeling teas. Tendril Teas are grown at an altitude of 3000 feet, plucked by seasoned hands and processed hands-free in modern facilities, so that you can enjoy the freshness of Darjeeling in every sip.

Packed with Anti-Oxidants

Polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins function as powerful antioxidants to improve health.

Improves Brain Functions

Small amounts of caffeine work synergistically with Amino Acid L-theanine to improve brain function.

Reduces Risk of Cancer, Heart Diseases and Type II Diabetes

Oxidative damage contributes to the development of cancer. The abundant antioxidants in tea often have a protective effect

Better Physical Performance

Tea boosts metabolic rates and mobilizes fatty acids to make them available as energy, thus helping in weight loss.

  • Classics Tea

    Classics Tea

    Classics Tea

    There is much pleasure in waiting for your classic tea to get ready on the kettle. The wide range of flavor with the unique taste of each make them so liked by everyone. The aroma of the tea takes you miles away to the tea gardens and the fruit yards refreshing your mind all along.

  • CTC Tea

    CTC Tea

    CTC Tea

    The specialized Crush, tear and curl methodologies give our tea the texture and flavor just right for the tea bags. The generic taste of the CTC also produces the dark strong flavor much liked by the tea lovers.

  • Green Tea

    Green Tea

    Green Tea

    Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have positive impact on the body, our green tea is truly the healthiest beverage for any age group. The advantages are many. Improved brain function and fat loss are quite prominent among the tea drinkers.

  • Leaf Tea

    Leaf Tea

    Leaf Tea

    The tea is loved by about 80% of the tee to tallers. Our brand helps reduce your cholesterol and boosts heart health. Proper oxidation gives it the unique color and flavor that adds to the taste.

The Perfect Blend

Our Brands provide the best quality tea at minimal cost and efforts to the customers. But there is more to it. The superior taste and aroma, the richness in color and strength are other parameters that make our brands so loved and looked for by the customers. Years of research and observation, professional training, experience and regular customer suggestions and feedback have gone into making the brands successful. We meet what our customers look for. We have not forgotten our basics even when we are scaling heights. We strive to be true to our customers and look forward to satisfying their refreshment needs.


Tendril Tea - Dust free tea

Rich Brew and Dust-free

Tendril Tea - Freshly Packaged

Freshly Packaged

Tendil Tea - Handipicked Leaves

Handpicked leaves

Tendril Tea - Aromatic Blend

Aromatic Blend


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